Apple launches its watch OS with ECG app for HK and Europe

Recently Apple started the rollout of its iconic watchOS 5.2 for its users across the globe. However, there is a surprise from the company’s side for its Hong Kong as well as European users. The device would be launched with detection features of irregular heartbeat and ECG app with the latest updates for its customers across Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Luxemburg, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Apple’s ECG app was introduced last December in its home country the United States of America. It requires electrodes embedded into the Watch Series 4 Model to perform functions. With this, users are capable of taking an ECG which is identical to the electrocardiogram of a single-lead type simply by firing up the app as well as touching the Digital Crown present in the Apple Watch. This sends an electronic signal to users’ heart, and hence it tells if they are experiencing normal rhythm or if it is irregular one which is called atrial fibrillation or AFib in the medical terms.

Although this recently launched ECG app is exclusively for newer watches by Apple. Still, Series 1 and other upcoming devices will see an awesome notification feature called Cupertino’s irregular rhythm. It is capable of monitoring the owner’s heart rhythm in the background and detects if she is suffering from AFib condition. This condition could even lead to stroke or heart failure. It is one of the significant causes of death across the globe. It is also capable of preventing false alarms. It will be issuing the warning if it detects abnormal heartbeat after five checks for 65 minutes.

Apple had made this feature public after researchers from Stanford University conducted extensive testing by including 400,000 volunteers. Of these, the app detected irregular heartbeat among over 2000 volunteers, and then doctors confirmed that these cases were of AFib.

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