Apple to introduce Luna display like extension feature for its Mac OS 10.15

Soon Apple would provide the option to increase a display’s real estate to all those who own mac. They would be able to do it through their iPad or secondary monitors.

Mac OS’s 10.15 version will soon be shipped with a feature that would allow its users to send an app’s window to an external display. It doesn’t matter if it is an iPad or a monitor. They have codenamed this feature as ‘Sidecar.’ Its functions would be the same as the one which is currently available from Luna Display. Astro HQ is leading developers of this feature.

Once this feature comes into existence, users may find it easy to extend their Mac’s desktop to more screens. This step would allow them to drag a window from one display and then move it to another. If a user chooses to have an iPad as the new display, even then she would find it easy to work on a regular macOS interface. She will also be able to touch the screen and even use the Apple Pencil.

The new feature is easy to use as compared to others. One can access the simple menu containing several options to set the given window on a full-screen mode or move towards the external display. This external display includes the iPad or any other connected device.

Luna Display’s technology takes the help of hardware dongle that one needs to connect to their Mac. The one by Apple will showcase the same functionality. However, the software version would be entirely different.

Those users who have iPad with Pencil support would be able to draw with a pencil using this feature. It would make the iPad into a tablet somewhat similar to Wacom. Apple plans to make this seamless experience available to native users. Few reports have stated that the company is working on an option through which one could snap window on screen’s one side.

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