NASA is going to pay SpaceX to crash an Organization’s rocket into space rock the sum is $69 million

On Saturday, NASA has granted SpaceX a $69 million contract to divert a space rock off its planned way. This mission of NASA is known as the Double Asteroid Redirection Testor as... Read more »

Wooly mammoth riddle comprehended? Study uncovers stunning insights regarding the ancient creature

Wiped out for many years, the wooly mammoth keeps on interesting humankind, as the possibility of in the long run restoring the species is contemplated among mainstream researchers. Presently, another examination proposes... Read more »

Global Warming Causes 390 Billion Tons of Snow and Ice to Melt Each Year

The biggest misfortunes this year were the ice sheets in Alaska, trailed by the melting ice fields in southern South America and ice sheets in the Arctic, which are melted due to... Read more »

NASA Developed 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Designs through a Challenge

At the point when humanity, in the long run, makes it to the Red Planet, it will be a dynamic accomplishment, yet the explorers who originally set foot on Mars most likely... Read more »

Strange Species of ‘Phallic’ Clam That Ingest Wood at the Bottom of the Ocean Discovered by Researchers

Researchers have recently discovered a new species of phallic clams at the bottom of the ocean, shaped like tiny willies that munch on wood debris. Indeed, you read those things accurately. The... Read more »