Millions of Facebook records get exposed on Amazon’s Cloud Servers

Looks like the controversies surrounding the Facebook are not going to end. The social media giant has already been surrounded by Cambridge Analytica scandal and many such similar accusations. And now it... Read more »

Google Has Already Removed Google+ Profiles of Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Sundar Pichai

Tuesday denoted the much-anticipated day when Google paved the way toward erasing accounts from the Google+ social community in front of its complete shutdown. Included in this deletion are the social network... Read more »

NASA Developed 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Designs through a Challenge

At the point when humanity, in the long run, makes it to the Red Planet, it will be a dynamic accomplishment, yet the explorers who originally set foot on Mars most likely... Read more »

Google Assistant now talks in John Legend’s voice

Well, to cover up the loss that occurred due to major shutdowns of some of their popular products, Google is stepping out of their comfort zone and striving hard to keep up... Read more »

Strange Species of ‘Phallic’ Clam That Ingest Wood at the Bottom of the Ocean Discovered by Researchers

Researchers have recently discovered a new species of phallic clams at the bottom of the ocean, shaped like tiny willies that munch on wood debris. Indeed, you read those things accurately. The... Read more »